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October 16th 2023

Alexandre Roulois (LLF)
Annotation de données avec Prodigy

“One hour, one goal, one speaker”

The slogan of MorDev reflects its ambition: to create a link between a professional in a field and anyone wishing to acquire directly operational know-how.

Far from training courses lasting several days, which are often dense, the seminar is based on practical sessions lasting only one hour, in which participants are led to immediately handle the object described, whether it is a tool, an intellectual method, a technology, a computer language, etc.


Anyone can attend the seminar, whether they are a student, researcher, administrative staff or simply curious to learn and discover. Please note, however, that the nature of the exercises proposed often requires the use of a laptop computer.


And to submit a proposal? Just send an email to . Be prepared! Your presentation must globally respect the following format: 15 mn presentation, 15 mn demonstration, 30 mn exercises.


Laboratoire de linguistique formelle
Paris Cité University
Building Olympe de Gouges
5th floor – Room 531
8, Rue Albert Einstein
75013 Paris